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Advance Monitoring Trading Dashboards

Create and monitor custom events taking place in market in real time. Use the popular implementations of Price Action and Technical Indicators. Utilize Risk Management techniques, Sector analytics and more!

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Finance for Millennial

Free and Interactive Tutorials

Read through Zecide Learn's chic, concise and deeply conceptual explanations of beginner to advanced topics in Financial Markets. They contain practical know-how coupled with interactive learning.

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Trailblaze your Trading

Finance for Millennial

AI Research Assistant

Ask for fetching financial data, reason with an investment decision, researching the media for your ideas, or crunching quantitative models- it does it all.


AI-based analytics dashboard distilling the noisy financial news providing sentiments across segments, summarizing big stories, answering your queries about the happenings.


Using the latest advent in Machine learning and Statistics to provide many do-it-yourself tools for Investors to make their own analysis without having to code.


Engage in the community of people interested in finance. Share your insights on live market events. Read curated news, and immerse in yourself in fruitful discussions while building your follower base.

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