Finance for Millennial

‘Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel.’ –Socrates.

The modules presented under Zecide Learn require less attention and can be entertaining. Yet they provide a thoroughly rigorous window to learn about Financial Markets.

Trading Simulator

Practice trading on real market conditions

Get the actual experience while refinig your technique.


Anatomy of Financial Markets

Different components of Financial Markets are discussed here.

Winning- Cornerstones of success in Financial Markets

Few factors which lead to consistent success are discussed here.

History repeats itself

Introduction to Technical Analysis, and why people rely on it!

Candlesticks - Interesting Paragraphs

Introducing Candlestick Charts and how they make sense.

Indicators- Mathematical Machines

Introducing Indicators and how they can be useful.

Support and Resistance- Bare bones of TA

Discussion about the useful concepts of Support and Resistance.

Price Action- Better than palm reading!

Introducing Price Action concepts for active trading.

Cyclic Nature- When spoilers make money

Talking about how prices move in cycles, and how can active traders use this knowledge.

Core Price Pattern- How markets roll

We will see how markets move in a particular way.

Pullbacks- When trends take tea break

Studying one of the most popular ways of trading the market: Pullbacks.

Reversals - When Trends take U-turns

We will look at how trends change their directions in an instant, and how to capitalize on them.

Ranges: Bounce baby bounce

A deep look into different types of trading ranges.

Breakout: Gone with the wind

Digging deep into the world of trading Breakouts.